Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down (Devil’s Interference)

The Catastrophe

This was the morning when all began so wonderfully.  Then, following our breakfast of biscuits, bacon, juice, milk and coffee the devil began running interference trying to keep us away from church.

We walked down the stairs and were almost to the car when I heard, “Hey Steve Richie,” it was my girlfriend.  Well alright, my friend who happens to be a girl, girlfriend, right?

I looked back to where the voice came from and slowly the figure emerged from under the stairs (her sister has an apartment down there).  We spoke briefly then I said, “Well we have to be going to church – see you two there.  

Steph and I hopped in my car and C & G got in C’s car.  We go all adjusted with seatbelts and all and slowly backed out.   I put the car in drive and began going forward but when I was directly behind C’s car her backup lights came on I layed on the horn, but it was too late…

The dead sounding, “Thwunk,” was all I could hear, probably much louder to my sensitive ears than it really was.  I put the car in park to go around to the passenger side and assess damage, which I was certain by the sound inside the car that that rear quarter panel had been caved in.

To my surprise and to C’s  there was only paint from her car that was just above my right wheel that showed I was hit, hmmm, it was so loud.  C rubbed it with her finger as I did also and there was not a dent nor a scrape.  That paint mostly rubbed off with my thumb.

C walked over to her auto to look at the damage and hers sustained more than mine did, which was nothing.  

“My car is supposed to beep if there is something behind it, but I looked before backing up and I didn’t even see you,”  C said.  

All the devil’s interference, see? Hers will need to be rubbed out a little and touched up.  When mine is taken into the Chevrolet dealership for it’s 90 day clean and shine interior and exterior I will have mine buffed out a little. And Voila…it will be as good as new.  

We still made it to church mostly on time and unscathed…Praise the Lord!

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