Pocono Mountains & Dent Magic

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocono_Mountains I had the cruise engaged, (I don’t normally do that, nor do I think you’re supposed to during rainfall) but the pitter and the patter of rain splashing on the car, the Stephanie sleeping and music playing low, a mostly instrumental background, just a hint of sound and the overwhelming sleepy green of the thousands of trees…I nodded off.

Thwack! My foot instinctively tapped the brake. My eyes immediately opened wide.  A rubber mile marker had slapped the hood of my, then, new car.

I turned the wheel away from the cliff. I pulled onto the shoulder, and got out of the car and cursed inwardly.  Not angry about the dent – but angry about my stupidity.  I took in some fresh air and woke Steph to see if she’d like to get out and stretch some? She sleepily and calmly nodded off again.  I drove to the nearest rest stop.  The park-like area was conducive to sleeping and I tried to snooze, but was unable…the sun had come out.

I woke Stephanie and gave her the zip-lock bag with her  toothbrush and paste.  We  strolled up to the rest-room area.  I told Steph to wash or at least splash some water on her face and brush her teeth.

The damage to the car had been done. I got an estimate when we returned to Minnesota from New York. I decided I could live with the dent because I couldn’t see it unless I was outside and the sun or clouds were just right to highlight the defect.

Six years later – a different, smaller city and the dent still there.  “They do superb work” said my good and fastidious friend, Don, about a Nixa business called: Dent Magic, http://www.dentmagictools.com/

Somebody put a “Ding” in his new truck with their door. He wanted it fixed right and so he took it to Dent Magic. They had it for a couple hours and Voila – where did that dent go? No patch and no paint. Fred (owner) or one of his employees massaged it away.

I was impressed. I took my car there for an estimate on that larger thwacked dent in my hood. A reminder of our trip to New York on the Pennsylvania turnpike.

But Fred of Dent Magic said he may be able to take most of the dent out and for only $100. They did what they could in the three hours they had it. But, that large and more flat dent could not be fixed with their modern technology.

“Absolutely no charge. Heck, we couldn’t fix it so I’m not going to bill you for it. We were able to straighten the edge some, though.”

I am glad I took it in to them and recommend their services to anybody who has almost any type of dent. Heck, take your car or truck to them and let them decide whether or not they can fix the dip, dimple, or crater.

Their courtesy and professionalism are worth doing business with them.


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