Boho Love

“Boho Love” is the love of boho fashions.  I am not a gypsy, nor a hippie, nor a Bohemian but I did have romances with all three. Those love-ins qualify me as an expert, right?

In those days – the 1960’s & 70’s nobody was out to set fashion statements.  One just purchased what the department stores and shops were selling.  Who knew that 30-40 years later those bell-bottom jeans 8c0d6e693830c205c8291bce77c39588would become the epitome of a generation of kids?

Some of the styles hint at eroticism without going there.  These lady models have nice figures – no bulbous butts here. It is a fashion sense that seems to have been born of the Internet.

The Gypsy:  The original gypsy came from Northern India but are now on all continents. Traditionally, gypsies lived by doing seasonal work and…fortune-telling.  They wandered from place to place and had their own style, though, Gypsies of yore never thougHippie girlht about being stylish; they wore what they had.  Now their dress has been glorified and modified to sell.

Hippy: Someone who rejects the established culture.  Their attire has been glorified in recent years and has become an integral part of the BOHO look.Bohemian, hippie, gypsy style.

Bohemian:  A vagabond, wanderer or gypsy, a person (such as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others. Well you get the idea and the feel and can certainly see the similarities…..




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