Leong’s Asian Diner

I mentioned the other day about visiting, Leong’s Asian Diner, in Springfield, MO. Well this is a brief follow-up on that restaurant…This may have been said before but the the ambiance of the place contributed to the tastiness of their food, I’m sure. http://www.leongsasiandiner.com/  Their relaxing atmosphere reminded me of my favorite seaside restaurant in the Philippines.

Without knowing the history of, or the owner of Leong’s, I can only tell of our experience. I appreciated being offered our choice of teas to drink instead of of bombardment of alcoholic beverages, which they also had. I ordered the sweetened tea while Stephanie ordered a raspberry iced tea. She told me it didn’t taste any different than a sweet tea and yet we were charged a dollar more for it? That was the only negative of the experience.

Stephanie had a cup of Egg Drop Soup that she said was, “Yummy,” even with vegetables. “You might even like this soup Dad.” It was a chicken and egg soup simmered in a velvety soy chicken broth.

But, I had a large dinner salad with cherry-like tomatoes and my favored Bleu-Cheese Dressing. The salad was scrumptious! After that we were served our main entrees’.

Stephanie’s, Sweet & Sour Chicken topped with a tangy sauce that was sprinkled with shaved carrots and pineapples. That meal included rice and was served first and it looked delicious, Steph, said that it was.

Next, i was served my entree’ of Cashew Chicken with rice. It was fantastic! The perfect amount of thicker, delectable sauce and Cashews. Stephanie of course finished before me…everybody does. I was filling up, but it was so tasty, that I ate every morsel.

Then the dessert arrived, a decadent, strawberry cheesecake that Stephanie was unable to finish…so not wanting to send anything back…I made myself eat that remaining delectable dessert.

We will be back because in part of Jonathan, our server who was but one of the busy wait people.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Home of the Original Springfield Style Cashew Chicken!

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