“Corner Cafe”

My daughter and I just moved to Clever from Nixa and we attend Riverdale Baptist Church. Our pastor (Jamie Bilyeu) recommended this place as he has eaten here a number of times. Last Sunday morning we decided to give the, “Corner Cafe” a try before heading onto morning worship service.

We are so glad we made the stop. The little cafe was filled and as soon as one got up from the table, there was another to take their place (the sign of a good restaurant). We only had to wait a couple minutes – it was worth the short wait!

However, I am a slow eater and so only ordered their raisin toast which came already buttered (fantastic), and was a perfect compliment to their coffee.

My daughter on the other hand really enjoyed their cheese omelette and that omelette included tasty hash-browns as well. Stephanie said, “That was really good Dad. How many eggs did they use?” Apparently, theirs was better-tasting than my three egg omelette, oh well.

We completed our meals at the same time and we had to hurry off to church. We will be returning maybe for a dinner but breakfast for sure.

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