A girl by the name of, Donna, stopped over last night. She came to check out my flavored pasta sauce because she’d heard (info gets spread quickly here in Clever.) about the delicious aroma wafting through the air, emanating from this place.

She came to the front door even though the garage door was opened wide, being polite I guess. The young lady (well young to me) in her late thirties – early forties introduced herself and pointed to where she lived. Just two doors up and on the other side of the street.

“It’s good to see you guys are doing great! Hi,” she said to Steph through the screen. Stephanie feigned interest as she replied with a “Hello” and headed to her room and more drawing.

Donna continued, “Wow you are such a great cook! Neighbors talk about the wonderful scent, maybe you can teach me? Last night i cooked sauce with diced chicken. Also, I included onions and peppers with some really twirly pasta.”

“Probably Rotini Pasta” I replied. “Sounds great! Maybe you better give me lessons.”

“Tomorrow morning,” she said, “I’m cooking Quiche, bacon Quiche, with a Raspberry Truffle for dessert. I enjoy cooking and have a passion for cooking so I experiment at times.”

“That is the best thing to do,” I said, “I would be glad to be your taste-tester and especially tomorrow because I love Quiche and all kinds. I’ve never had a bad one!”

“l have to leave for work now. They’ve got me on the graveyard shift over at the recycling place in Republic. I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. Please give my regards to Stephanie.”

“Well it’s sure been nice talking to you. Let’s get together soon…maybe for that Quiche, give me a call. And it was sure nice meeting you also. Don’t work too hard, bye.


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